Rocky Mountain Trucking LLC

OTC has released a new heavy-duty hub oil seal puller for trailer and truck repair. Made from high quality durable material, OTC’s new tools are designed to remove hub oil seals on both foreign and domestic trailer and truck axles in one piece and without damage. The set includes two puller heads and an extra-long handle to cover more axles.

OTC’s latest set includes:   

5085-S Hub Oil Seal Remover Set– Includes the original hub oil seal remover head designed for seals up to 4-1/2’’ I.D., and a second puller head for larger seals over 4-5/8” I.D. The set uses the proven extra-long 28’’ handle for added leverage. 

600053 Large Hub Oil Seal Puller Head – A larger hub oil seal remover head created to screw onto the existing 5085 28’’ handle for a broader range of jobs including seals sized 4-5/8’’ I.D. and above.