Rocky Mountain Trucking LLC

Des Moines, Iowa-based Ruan recently announced it has acquired Nationwide Truck Brokers, Inc., a dedicated carrier headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

According to a statement from Ruan, NTB will continue to operate as a separate, independent member of the Ruan family of companies.

Founded in 1974 by Dan Koster, NTB’s first truck driver, the family-owned company has grown to operate a fleet of more than 235 trucks with 270 team members hauling for grocery customers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Before entering this agreement with Ruan, NTB was owned by Dan’s three sons.

As an independent entity, NTB will maintain its name and brand, leadership structure, and facility locations. As part of the acquisition, “the Koster family will transition from NTB with confidence that the integrity of the business they built will be upheld,” said Ruan’s press release.

Over the next several months, NTB’s entire fleet of trucks will be replaced by late-model Freightliner units as an enhancement for NTB’s driving team members, according to Ruan

“Growth through acquisition has been relatively uncommon at Ruan, but we have done so selectively when there’s a true, strategic fit and the opportunity to sustain and strengthen relationships with important customers,” said Ruan’s Chief Executive Officer Ben McLean. “We’ve found these positive elements at NTB. Both companies were founded by their first truck drivers, Dan Koster and John Ruan, so the two organizations have shared a foundational focus on safety throughout their histories.

“In addition, we prioritize family and strive to be a great place to work for our team members. We provide exceptional customer service to long-standing partners, and we support our communities through philanthropic efforts. As we move forward together, our continued success will be enabled by the same grit and determination that our founders and family members have demonstrated to build and grow our companies.”

“My father built this great organization from the ground up, and it is our desire to chart a long and prosperous road ahead for the company,” said Rick Koster, one of Dan Koster’s three sons and chairman of the board for NTB. “Sometimes charting the best path to accelerating progress and sustainability requires taking strategic leaps like joining forces with the right parent company. This agreement with Ruan provides a great opportunity for NTB to continue to grow and provide stability for our team members and customers.”