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With a delivery date looming, controversial businessman Elon Musk Saturday announced a Telsa Semi, his company’s Class 8 truck, made a fully loaded 500-mile trip. 

In his post on Twitter (another company he owns) Musk said the Semi and cargo weighed 81,000 pounds.

The announcement comes as Pepsi is set to take delivery of 15 Semis Dec. 1.

Musk announced in 2017 that Tesla was building an all-electric Class 8 truck. During the company’s third-quarter earnings call, Musk announced Tesla would produce 50,000 Semis a year starting in 2024. 

The Semi Musk tweeted about sells for $180,000. The company also offers one with a 300-mile range for $150,000.

In a recent online poll, nearly 60% of Truckers News readers said they would not drive an all-electric truck; 23% said yes, they would drive one, and 17% said “maybe”.