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Navistar Inc. is recalling more than 31,000 trucks and buses across its lineup because improper heat treating on hex flange lock nuts could lead to the fasteners breaking, resulting in unstable steering and the increased possibility of a crash.

The truck maker owned by Germany’s Traton Group, said it was unaware of any field failures, crashes or injuries related to the condition. The recalled vehicles have nonconforming hex flange lock nuts. Similar vehicles have conforming parts. 

The nonconforming hex flange lock nuts, used between January and August 2022 depending on the vehicle, did not fail at the time of vehicle assembly. Navistar quarantined vehicles in its plants on Aug. 26 until it was sure clean parts were being used in production.

Navistar filed two recalls. The first covered 25,822 vehicles, all of which are suspected to have the faulty parts. Included were certain International CV (2021-22) and HV (2022-23) models and 2023 models of the HX, Lonestar, LT, MV and RH. A second recall covered 5,645 units of three 2023 models of IC buses — CV, EV and RE.

Navistar dealers will replace all suspect hex flange lock nuts with those made to its design specifications for form and surface hardness. Dealers and owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by first-class mail beginning Jan. 20.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall numbers are 22V-869 and 22V-870.

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