Rocky Mountain Trucking LLC

Transport Investments, Inc. recently changed its name to now be known as Bridgeway Connects, Inc.

As a specialty transportation and logistics provider, Bridgeway said it continues to build on its legacy of support and service to the industry. 

According to a statement from the company, Bridgeway has grown to handle over 500,000 loads annually, making it one of the largest choices as a partner for shippers, agents, and owner-operators working in the specialty freight sector.

Bridgeway said it is growing rapidly, yet deliberately, to offer a network of specialty freight professionals that can handle the country’s toughest transport challenges for critical industries like utilities, construction, military, and other sectors with specialty transportation needs.

As part of its growth, Bridgeway has recently added other members to its network to help fuel the drive to be the best specialty transportation and logistics provider in the country.

According to the CEO, R. Bruce McAdams, “Difficult freight is what we love to do. We want people to know that we are growing as a network of businesses working together. We will continue to expand organically and through acquisition, while maintaining the level of trust, reliability, and quality that those we work with have come to value and expect.”