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Technology Shorts

Technology news and briefs for the week of Dec. 4, 2022: 

CaaS platform partners with Wabash for additional capacity

Loadsmith, a third-party capacity as a service logistics platform for shippers and carriers, is enhancing its capacity with Wabash’s trailers as a service offering.

The companies have partnered in a multi-year agreement to add new Loadsmith-branded Wabash DuraPlate dry van trailers into service over the coming years, giving carriers and shippers additional capacity to maximize operational and freight efficiency. The Wabash platform also provides Loadsmith with maintenance and repair provided by its national dealer network.

The added capacity through the Wabash platform allows Loadsmith to scale its offering to meet the needs of any size customer, engage with more shippers and deliver consistent freight for carriers. The company’s freight network allows small and mid-size carriers to scale their customer reach without making a significant capital investment, enabling them to take on high-volume lanes they may otherwise not be able to tap into.

Carriers can book, track and monitor trailers in real-time directly through the mobile Loadsmith driver app and its forthcoming carrier portal.

Fullbay now accepts fleet checks and fleet cards

Heavy-duty truck repair software provider Fullbay has upgraded its payment processing by now accepting fleet checks and fleet cards.

With this new product integration, repair shops that use Fullbay Payments can now accept and manage fleet checks and fleet cards, along with credit card and ACH transactions, without needing a separate solution, helping to streamline the payment process for shops by making it easier to collect additional payment types from fleet customers and managing everything inside the Fullbay app.

Fullbay Payments accepts credit cards and ACH, plus WEX, EFS, T-cheks, Comdata and U.S. Bank for fleet checks and fleet cards. The streamlined fleet payment process is included for free with a Fullbay subscription enrolled in Fullbay Payments and offers the following benefits: safely and securely process credit cards and ACH powered by Fullbay Payments, along with fleet checks and fleet cards, powered by an integration with RoadSync; instant fund verification to eliminate chargebacks; manage transactions and payment history via an easy-to-use portal.

GPS Insight enhancements aligns workers across fleet and field

GPS Insight, a SaaS-based fleet and field service management software provider, has made enhancements to its integrated Field Service Management (FSM) suite, that allows fleet and field-service companies to manage their mobile assets and mobile workforces together.

The FSM suite is being tailored to integrate with GPS Insight fleet management to ensure alignment among workers across both fleet and field. Product enhancements include an app switcher to toggle between fleet and field applications; ability to schedule jobs based on technician working hours, skills, permits, etc.; long cycle crew work such as multi-visit jobs; a live map for a “command center” view of field operations; timesheets showing jobs performed, hours worked, hours traveled and overtime earned; and to help businesses scale via an ecosystem of integrations with ERP and accounting applications.

GPS Insight has recently made acquisitions of existing field service solutions and integrated them with its GPS fleet management technology. The company acquired ServiceBridge in 2020 and FieldAware in 2021. It also recently acquired Certified Tracking Solutions, which specializes in document digitization in fleet and field services.

In addition to significant product updates across the FSM suite, FieldAware for mid-enterprise is featuring a facelift, modernizing the web app to follow best-in-class practices for displaying menus and options, refreshing web and mobile app branding to align with parent GPS Insight’s fleet and field portfolio.

TruckerPath offers discounts for American Truck Business Services

Trucker Path, an app for North American truck drivers, has partnered with a provider of tax and business solutions for truck drivers and small fleets to offer its users discounts.

The Trucker Path community of owner-operators, drivers and small fleets can now access the American Truck Business Services (ATBS) RumbleStrip series of services through a secure client portal.

That includes RumbleStrip Essentials, a bookkeeping and tax service, including profit and loss statements, estimated quarterly and year-end federal and state tax returns and unlimited access for tax questions; RumbleStrip Professional, which includes all of RumbleStrip Essentials services and a deduction maximizer, detailed profit plans, business and personal budget plans, industry benchmarking and unlimited tax and business consulting; and RumbleStrip Enterprise, a complete back-office solution that includes all RumbleStrip Essentials and RumbleStrip Professional services as well as corporate tax returns, bank and credit card statement reconciliation, business incorporation and unlimited tax, business and payroll consulting. Payroll and entity formation services are also available to RumbleStrip Enterprise users for an additional fee.

Users can access ATBS discounts via

Cover Whale enters agreement with IANA

Insurtech and commercial trucking insurer Cover Whale Insurance Solutions Inc., is now participating in the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA), a program administered by the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA).

Through the agreement, Cover Whale-insured truck drivers can accept loads at U.S. ocean ports to help relieve supply chain burdens.

Amid recent supply chain disruptions and increased port congestion, the demand for more trucks is increasing. This expansion allows Cover Whale to reach a larger segment of the trucking market. The added benefit of UIIA will now enable appointed agents to reach more clients and use Cover Whale as a one-stop solution for their existing and prospective clients.

Cover Whale policyholders now can be covered for liability and trailer interchange related to intermodal equipment. With more than 14,000 intermodal trucking companies participating, 95% of North American intermodal equipment interchanges are managed under UIIA.