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On today’s special holiday episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is closing out the year and celebrating with offices across the industry. 

We’ll also talk to some of our favorite retail supply experts to close out some last-minute shopping and get the inside scoop on just how this year’s massive downturn in the freight market and economy impacted businesses. 

We’ll hear from TrophySmack’s Matt Walsh, whose fantasy sports trophy startup has created the second annual Jimmy Kimmel Bowl championship. 

How’d toys and stuffies do? VIAHART’s Molson Hart shows off his latest wares and talks about the trials and tribulations of selling on Amazon in ‘22.

You’ve heard the trivia on the show and today the founder of OK Boomer, Joe Spisak, joins us to talk about selling card games and running a fulfillment 3PL.

It all goes down on a very WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Christmas!

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