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If you have the misfortune of getting stooped for speeding — which, of course, you shouldn’t, but such things do happen — try to be sure you get pulled over in Pennsylvania or maybe Missouri or West Virginia.

You see, those three states are at the bottom of a new list of states with the highest (and in this case, lowest) fines CDL holders can get for speeding.

Conversely, try to not hammer down too hard in Illinois or Arizona. They tie for the top spot for the highest fines CDL holders can get for speeding.

The list of fines was compiled by the Rosenblum Law firm and posted to their website

The top 10 states for the highest fines include:

  1. Illinois: $75 to $2,500
  2. Arizona: 0 to $2,500
  3. Colorado: $115 to $1,000
  4. Nevada: $25 to $1,000
  5. Iowa: $25 to $625
  6. Connecticut: $198 to $560
  7. Maryland: $80 to $530
  8. California: $230 to $500
  9. Hawaii: $200 to $500
  10. Utah: $150 to 500

But, at the bottom is Pennsylvania, which has fines ranging from $35 to $85. 

The list’s compilers explained how they figured the ranking: “ analyzed nationwide data for CDL drivers who were speeding 15+ mph over the limit to determine which states mete out the costliest penalties and which are more reasonable. Our experts looked at the maximum possible fines one might pay, as well as the steepest minimum fines for CDL drivers who are caught exceeding the limit by at least 15 mph.”

Speeding is a concern for the trucking community. This past July during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Safe Driver Week, officers issued 2,577 warnings and 1,490 citations to commercial motor vehicle drivers for speeding. That made it the leading violation for CDL holders that week.CD:L